Thukra Diya Hai Jis K Lie Ik Jahan Ko,

Thukra Diya Hai Jis K Lie Ik Jahan Ko,

Ya Raab Wo Mera Dil Na Dukhae Tamam Umer.

Love Quotes with Pictures for Lovers

There is a sacredness in TEARS. 
They are not the mark of weakness, but of POWER.
They speak more eloquently than ten thousand tongues,
They are messengers of overwhelming GRIEF
and unspeakable LOVE...!!!

CLOSE the language door,
and open the LOVE window...!!!

If you want to win HEARTS,
SOW the seeds of LOVE.
If you want HEAVEN,
stop scattering THORNS on the road...!!!

HAPPY days won't find you,
It's YOU who must find them...!!!

LOVELY days don't come to you,
you should WALK to them...!!!

The QUIETER you become,
the more you are able to HEAR...!!!

Your HEART is the size of an OCEAN,
Go FIND yourself in its hidden depths...!!!

LOVE is not an emotion,
It is your very EXISTENCE...!!!

On this PATH let the HEART be your guide,
for the BODY is hesitant and full of FEAR...!!!

 WHY are you knocking at every door? Go,
knock at the DOOR of your own heart...!!!

Sad Shayari Images for Facebook Posts by Ali Love

Kaisi ye teri mohobbat hai,
Gussa karti ho,Par maaf nahi...!!!

Zakham to bohat hain, Bina daag ke,
Jo Zakham dil pe ho uspe daag kaisa...!!!

Kiston Me Mili Hain Khushiya Mujhe Hindi Shayari Image by Anup Kumar

Kiston me mili hai khushiya mujhe
Mai kiston me khus hota raha hu
Dukh aaya hai jab bhi, dhamkakar gaya hai
Mai khus hone ka byaj dhota rha hu...

Kiston me mile har risten naten
Kiston ka pyar pata raha hu
Jo log mujhe nafrat se dekhte hai
Mai unke ghar bhi jata raha hu...

Kiston me mili hai juban mujhe
Mai tutlakar sach bolne laga hu
Wo badi badi aankhen mujhe darane ko aati hai
Mai sabki aankhon ka parda kholne laga hu..

Kiston me sikhi duniyadari maine
Mai ab pyar bholne laga hu
Apne gham hathon me liye chalta hu
Mai ab gham se gham ko tolne laga hu...

Kiston me kari hai galtiya maine
Mai kiston me paxta raha hu
Hasi aayi hai mujhe apni akalmandi pe
Mai khud ko hi bada jachta raha hu...

Aur kiston kiston me mile dost mujhe
Mai dil k bazar me jata raha hu
Kiston kiston me aayi samajh mujhko
Mai akela nahi jo dhoka kha raha hu...!!!