Tamana Sad Shayari Ghazal for Lovers in Hindi

Woh Log Bohat Khush Qismat Thy,
Jo Ishq Ko Kaam Samjhty Thy,

Yaa Kaam Aashiqi Krty Thy,
Hum jeeny Main Masroof Rahy,

Kuch Ishq Kiya, Kuch Kaam Kiya,
Kaam Ishq K Aary Aata Raha,

Aor Ishq Sy Kaam Ulajhta Raha,
Phir Aakhir Tang Aa Kr Humny,
Donon Ko Adhoora Chor Diya...!!!

Duaon K Liye Haath 
Jab Bhi Uthata Hun,

Tamannaon Ki Bheer 
Main Sab Sy Aagy...

Wahi Aik Hi Chehraa,
Nigahon Main Aata Hai...

Main Bhool Jata Hun,
Kiya Maanga Tha...

Bicharny Ki Duaa... Yaa Phir
Milny Ki Duaa Mangi Thi...!!


Bohat Tamanna Thi,

Kisi Ka Ho Jaany Ki,

Par Kiya Maloom Tha,

Jis Ka Hum Hona Chahty Hain,

Unhain Aadat Hi Nahi Hai,

Kisi Ko Apna Banany Ki...!!!


Jahan Tum Ho, Woh 
Duniya Kab Tumhari Hai,

K Sooraj Dhal Geya Hai, Or 
Ik Haseen Sham Utri Hai,

Woh Dekho Chaand Nikla 
Hai, Sitary Jagmagaty Hain,

Humari Muntazir Aankhein, 

Duaa Mangti Aankhein...!!! 

Good Night Wishes Messages with Night Moon Pictures

My project of a good night has invariably been 
having a pretty meal and a proper dialogue.

This ones for all the girls that justify to be serve right. 
Even if your already unfeeling it still goes out to you.

Stars light stars bright, you are the only star I see tonight. 
I wish I might be there shield your dreams tonight.

I don't charge how sleepy I am before bed, I 
always send my boyfriend a lovable good night.

I just want to say good night fresh prince, 
may flying of treasure sing thee to thy pause.

Since your eyes are slight tired, let your 
eye switch hug each other for few hours, 
happy transfer into the world of dreams.

Always love the morning and goodnight text.
That means that being always remember you.

If someone wishes you good night every day
You are cheery than so many people.

To the females who are going to 
sleep sad tonight. keep your chin up.

Good Morning Text SMS Messages with Morning Pictures for Friend

Morning is delightful. Its only stumbling block is 
that it comes at such an unseemly time of day.

Dont Perplex The Walkway You Are Going Continual 
With Your Destination. Just Because It Is Turbulent 
Now Doesn’t Mean You Aren’t Superintend For Sunshine.

We never realize the love of our
paterfamilias pending we become parents ourselves..
We should love our parents..
They are high-priced..

 Once afresh this morning God charge you day with love & 
triumph and may blazing your complete day like daylight.

I Wake up every morning at nine and clasp 
for the morning paper. Then I stare at the 
eulogy leaf. If my name is not on it I get up.

If its your situation to ingest a frog, its best to do 
it first thing in the morning. And If its your job to eat
two frogs, its best to eat the considerable one first.

The minute you believe of relinquish up any relationship,
think of the basis why you grasp it so great.

If yesterday was lost in sadness, don't misplaced 
today and tomorrow by charge it in your mind.

Morning is superb. its only stumbling block that
it comes at such an troublesome time of day.

Night has terminate, for another day,
morning has come in a particular way.
May you twinkle like the brilliant rays

and frond your bother at the cerulean blue firth.

Good Morning Images and Quotes Collection for Facebook

When You Appear In The Morning, Think Of What A Expensive 
Birthright It Is To Be Existing To Respire, To Think, To Enjoy, 
To love.

I Get Up Every Morning And It's Going To Be A Special Day. You Never Know When It's Going To Be Over So I Decline To Have A Bad Day

If You Feel Down, Always Recollect That For As Long As Your Heart Is Unmoving Pulse You Still Have A Reason In This Life.

If You Don’t Wakeup Right Now With Your Full Strength, You 
Will Never Be Able To Reach That Dream You Saw Last Night.

Morning Is Wonderful. Its Only Drawback Is That It Comes At Such An Inconvenient Time Of Day.

Good Thoughts predate Great Activity, Great Deeds Precede Victory.

Most Of The Time, We Look For Our Happiness In Other People Though Sometimes We Need To Find The Happiness Within Ourselves.

The Mocking Away Of The Shadow And The Rising Of The Sun Signifies The Most Important Detail Of Life. Pain Giving Way For Hope.

The Biggest Headspring Of Motive Are Your Own Concept, 

So Think Big And Propele Yourself To Win.

Hajj Wishes Messages Quotes and Poems with ecards

You Are a Very Blessed Person To Be Celebrating Today.
I Wish to Send you My Warmest Heart Filled Greetings
And Wish you and your Family The Best that this Day can Offer.

Hajj Mubarak...!!!

Mubarak Ho Hum Sab Ko Hajj Ka Mahena
Na Thi Meri Qismat Ke Dekhon Medina,

Madiny Waley Ko Mera Salaam
Dena Mera Salaam Dena...!!!

Hajj Mubarak...!!!

Congratulation on Your Hajj
May the Joy of this Holy Event
Change Your Spirit With Grace
And Excitement for the Rest of
Your Life...!!!

Happy Hajj...!!!

To All Those Member Whoes Parents,
Relatives or Friends or Any Person is Going to Perfrom
"HAJJ" May ALLAH Subhanwatalla Accepts All Their Prayer
And May HE Accepts Their HAJJ Because Not Everyone
Get Chance to Visit HIS House so Every Body Just Pray
For All Those Muslims Who are Perfroming HAJJ This Year
May ALLAH Bless Us All and May We Get Chance to Visit
HIS House and be Among Those Lucky People INSHALLAH...!!!

Hajj Mubarak To All Muslims...!!!

Ek Bar To KABA Dekhun Main
Ek Aas Lagaye Betha Hun,

Ek Bar To KABA Dekhun Main
Us Shehar Ki Pur Kaif Hawaon Main,

Ek Bar To Jeena Dekhun Main
Pyasa Hun Aab-E-Zam Zam Ka,

Ek Bar To Pee K Dekhun Main,
Phir Chahe Hosh Gawa Bethun,

Bus Ik Baar MADINA Dekhun Main,
Bus Ik Baar MADINA Dekhun Main...!!!

Hajj Mubarak...!!!

I Have Reached Saudi Arabia,
I Am In Khana-e-Kaaba,
I Am In Masjid-e-Nabwi,
I Am In Mina,
I Am In Arafat,
I Have Done Qurbani,
I Have Performed My Hajj...!!!!

Hajj Mubarak to all...!!!

You Are a Wonderful Person and I Would Like to Wish You a Very Happy Hajj Mubarak,
May Allah Accept Your Duaa and May HE Be Pleased With You.
May You Be Filled With Joy and Happiness...!!!

Happy Hajj My Friend...!!!

Hajj Greetings SMS and Wishes with Cards

May Allah’s Blessing Light Your Way,
Your Faith and Bring Joy to Your Heart as You.
Praise and Serve Him Today,
Tomorrow and Always…!!!

Hajj Mubarak…!!! 

The Blessings of Hajj,
The Prophet (PBUH) Said:
“ONE Who Offers Hajj in His Way
And Doesn’t Speak Obscene Language,
And Doesn’t Commit Sins, Will Come
Back (Purified) as He Was at The Time Of His Birth”…!!!

Hajj Mubarak…!!!

“Islam is Based on Five Fundamentals:
To Proclaim That There is no GOD but ALLAH
And Muhammad (PBUH) is The Messenger of ALLAH,
And to Establish the Prayer,
And Pay Zakat,
To Offer Pilgrimage Of The House of ALLAH
And to Fast During Ramadan”…!!!

Hajj Mubarak…!!!

Mubarak Ho Tum Sab Ko Hajj Ka Maheena
Na Thi Meri Qismat Ke Dekhon Medina,

Madine Waly Ko Mera Salam Dena…!!!
Mera Salaam Dena…

Hajj Mubarak…!!!

“Hajj Offered With all its Requirements is Reward with Paradise.”
Hajj Mubarak…!!!

O ALLAH! I Turn to You Repose Trust
in You and Seek Your Pleasure.
I Beseech You to Bless My Journey,
Fulfill My Wishes and Include me
Among Those Superior to Me
Whom You Honour Today...!!!

Hajj Mubarak…!!!

Sad Shayari with Sad Girl Imaes in Sad Mood for Her

Hai Yaqeen K Woh Bhula Nahi Ab Tak Humein,
Par Yeh Bhi Sach Hai K Ab Usy Meri Yaad Nahi Aati...!!!

Us Shakhs Sy Faqat Itna Sa Tqluq Hai Faraz, 
Woh Pareshan Ho To Mujhy Neend Nahi Aati...!!!

Shikway To Bohat Hain Magr Shikayat Nahi Kar Sakta,
Mery Honton Ko Ijazat Nahi Tery Khilaf Bolny Ki...!!!

Barbad Karny Kay Aor Bhi Rasty Thy Faraz,
Na Jany Usy Muhabbat Ka Hi Khayal Q Aya...!!!

Raston Ki Musafat To Mujhy Thaka Nahi Sakti,
Bas Tery Na Milny Ki Umeed Maar Deti Hai...!!!

Tu Mila To Ab Yeh Ghum Hai,
Piyar Ziyada Hai Zindagi Kam Hai...!!! 

Msin To Reh Loon Gi Tujh Sy Bichar Kar Tanha Bhi,
Bas Dil Ka Sochta Hun Yeh Dharkna Na Chor Dy...!!!

Be-gana Hum Ny To Nahi Kiya Ko Apny Suy,

Jis Ka Dil Bharta Geya Woh Mujhy Chorta Geya...!!!