Hajj Wishes Messages Quotes and Poems with ecards

You Are a Very Blessed Person To Be Celebrating Today.
I Wish to Send you My Warmest Heart Filled Greetings
And Wish you and your Family The Best that this Day can Offer.

Hajj Mubarak...!!!

Mubarak Ho Hum Sab Ko Hajj Ka Mahena
Na Thi Meri Qismat Ke Dekhon Medina,

Madiny Waley Ko Mera Salaam
Dena Mera Salaam Dena...!!!

Hajj Mubarak...!!!

Congratulation on Your Hajj
May the Joy of this Holy Event
Change Your Spirit With Grace
And Excitement for the Rest of
Your Life...!!!

Happy Hajj...!!!

To All Those Member Whoes Parents,
Relatives or Friends or Any Person is Going to Perfrom
"HAJJ" May ALLAH Subhanwatalla Accepts All Their Prayer
And May HE Accepts Their HAJJ Because Not Everyone
Get Chance to Visit HIS House so Every Body Just Pray
For All Those Muslims Who are Perfroming HAJJ This Year
May ALLAH Bless Us All and May We Get Chance to Visit
HIS House and be Among Those Lucky People INSHALLAH...!!!

Hajj Mubarak To All Muslims...!!!

Ek Bar To KABA Dekhun Main
Ek Aas Lagaye Betha Hun,

Ek Bar To KABA Dekhun Main
Us Shehar Ki Pur Kaif Hawaon Main,

Ek Bar To Jeena Dekhun Main
Pyasa Hun Aab-E-Zam Zam Ka,

Ek Bar To Pee K Dekhun Main,
Phir Chahe Hosh Gawa Bethun,

Bus Ik Baar MADINA Dekhun Main,
Bus Ik Baar MADINA Dekhun Main...!!!

Hajj Mubarak...!!!

I Have Reached Saudi Arabia,
I Am In Khana-e-Kaaba,
I Am In Masjid-e-Nabwi,
I Am In Mina,
I Am In Arafat,
I Have Done Qurbani,
I Have Performed My Hajj...!!!!

Hajj Mubarak to all...!!!

You Are a Wonderful Person and I Would Like to Wish You a Very Happy Hajj Mubarak,
May Allah Accept Your Duaa and May HE Be Pleased With You.
May You Be Filled With Joy and Happiness...!!!

Happy Hajj My Friend...!!!
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