Good Night Quotes with Night Images for Facebook

Good Night Departure Is Such Sweet Sadness, That I Shall Say 
Good Night Till It Be Morrow.

Some Of The Happiest Times I Ever Saw My Dad Was Times When I Was With Him In The Casinos, And He Had A Good Night.

Sun Is Upset And Moon Is Happy, Because Sun Is Missing You And Moon Is Gonna Be With You For The Catnap Of The Night.

Night Is A Expensive Time Given By God Where We Could See Our Dreams Master With Closed Eyes. So Good Night.

On A Good Night, I Get Underwear, Bras, And Hotel-room Keys Thrown Onstage.. You Start To Think That You Are Tom Jones.

A Day Is Going To End Again. It Is Nice To Have A Friend Like You Making My Everyday Seems So Great Thanks You My Good Friend Lastly Good Night And Sweet Dreams...

Never Say Dreaming Is Useless, Because Life Is Useless If You Can`t Dream...
Have A Nice Dream...
Sweet Night....

Night Is To See The Dreams And Day Is To Make Them Faithful. 
So Its Good To Drowse Now And See The Dreams. Good Night.

On This Cold Cold Night, In My Small Small Room, I Look At The Bright Bright Stars In The Dark Dark Sky And Dream Of Your Sweet Sweet Smile.
Good Night ..

That Feeling When You Get A Good Night Text Meaningful That You Are On Their Minds Before They Go To Sleep.
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