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Happy- christmas-New-Year-Wallpaper-2014-by-mcbinformationbank.blogspot.com

Christmas is a word originatinhg conditional Christs Mass. Is derived from Middle English Cristemasse that is from the old English Cristesmæsse a sentence recorded for first time in
10387 followed by the word smesse Criste in 1.131,28 Crist general is from Cristes the Greek Khristos st translation Hebrew Masia Messiah meaning anointed 2930 and mæsse is Latin Missa celebration the Eucharist. 


The shape Christenmas also historically used, but now considered Archaic and dialectal31 derived from Middle English Cristenmasse literally Christian mass.


Christmas is a abbreviation for Christmas found particularly in hardcopy by the initial letter chi in Greek Khristos st but Christ numerous style guides discourage the use33 precedent in Middle English és massively where a abbreviation for st.


Other names Besides Christmas The holiday has become known various other names throughout history.

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