Veterans Day Wishes Quotes, Poems and Sayings Pitures

To those in uniform serving to day and to those who have served in the past,
We honor you today and every day...!!!

 There are only two words that describe the meaning of
Veterans Day.
"Thank You."

Thanking You for all the things that
you do... For me...!!!

To all Veterans
Whether at home or abroad
Active Duty - Reserves - Retired
All Americans say
Thank You...!!!

I was a proud veteran
That served my country well
To those that would listen
I had many stories to tell.

We Fought for America's freedom
In far away places on foreign land.
Wherever the battle for democracy raged,
America's finest made a stand.

We fought for your future
And the right to remain free.
For we saw what freedom meant
To those not blessed with Liberty.

For you and yours
We would gladly have given our life.
We faced the fears and perils of battle
We braved endless turmoil turmoil and strife.

Please remember us veterans
And the sacrifices we made for the.
Please share the blessings of freedom,
Proudly wave the red, white and blue...!!!

Veterans Day
On Veterans Day we honor all, Who answered to a service call. Soldiers young, and soldiers old, Fought for freedom, brave and bold. Some have lived, while others died, And all of them deserve our pride. We're proud of all the soldiers who, kept thinking of red, white and blue. They fought for us and all our rights, They fought through many days and nights. And though we may not know each name, We thank ALL veterans just the same...!!!

Thank you.
To our employers, and their family members, who have served or currently serve, as members of our nation's military. We are honored by your commitment and service.

May we think of freedom, not as the right to do as we please, but as the opportunity to do what is right...!!!

Happy Veterans Day...!!!
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