Platonic Love Poem with Picture By: Rakoon

Hear. I'm calling you in silence,
won't you feel my cry?
Nights and days have passed and 
my heart has been looking back
for all the time.
It's blind and sad now: it feels betrayed
and hurt and it's holding its pieces toghether 
not to fall into the bitterness of apathy.
The mind suffers for its painful friend and 
it lives in a daydream.
I find some peace there, under that
imponent, bloomy tree: I'd stand still,
a silent wind caressing the long hair away.
My eyes looking tenderly into yours: 
two mirrors that shine of a same light;
We wouldn't dare to step forward at
once, but you'd finally be won by that
most innocent desire. As if two more ancient
voices were calling each other in a desperate 
agony, we'd get closer and closer; the memory of
reality would stop us at first, but that place,
it is most hidden and far from it.
You will be just in front of me and after a little while
you'll take my hand into yours.
I love you, I love you.
I'll always be here for you when
you need.
Hear me, hear my weak cry,

you should know all that...!!!
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