A Broken Flower Love Poem by Daniela Cuellar

A Broken Flower
Don't look at it.
It's not what it appears.
It smiles. 
It laughs.
It is not real.
It's hurt.
Touch it, it'll break.
Look at it, it'll drown.
It'll cry until it hurts.
It's haunted.
The thoughts of you tear it apart.
Why can't it let go? 
What has it become?
It was once happy, now, just upset.
It was once laughing, now, cries until death.
Its heart was wide open, now, hard as a rock.
A smile.
It haunts it.
It tears it apart.
It doesn't want you.
Why can't it let go?
A shadow.
Behind it.
So sore.
It will hide 'till forever.
Its want will not cease.
You will not find it.
It will not live in peace.
Yes, it will fall.
Fall as it please.
You will not catch it.
It will let go, as much as you call.
It will not answer, as much as you want.
It is done with you. 
It will cry out the hurt.
Don't look at it.
It will let go.
It's not what it appears.
It is not the real "me".
Until someone comes back, like this it will be.
Touch it, it'll break.
Kiss it, it'll bleed.
It doesn't want to hurt you.
Leave it be!
It starts as a seed.
It blooms as a flower.
It'll grow and it'll grow.
Grow by the hour.
Please let it go.
Just let it hide.
Because after it blooms, it'll shrivel and die.
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